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Wuxi Hino Iron Works Co., Ltd.
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Factory Gate
。。Wuxi Hino Iron Works Co., Ltd. is a sole corporation of Japan Hino Iron Works Co., Ltd. in China. The company locates in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, which is 128 km to Shanghai and 183 km to Nanjing. The traffic is advanced and the transportation is convenient. The company mainly engaged in producing and wholesaling different kinds of plate type, pipe type and finned heat exchanger, hot air generator and energy saving equipments. For more than 50 years, Being the top manufacturer in this field in Japan, Hino company has its abundant experiences and profound abilities. It supplies the technology and equipments directly and sends the technical instructors to the site, that have guaranteed China company producing the products strictly according to the Japanese Industrial Standards(JIS), and putting the products into normal running. We will try our best to satisfy the customers according to the customer。ッs different requirements. Welcome you to inquire by any way or ask for product catalogue.

The factory in Wuxi China The Japanese engineers directing at site

The product reaching Japanese technology quality standards
(The products made for a Japanese company before being sent out of warehouse)

Factory」コQianzhou Xitang Wuxi City Jiangsu Province,China


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