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Heat exchanger Introduction
(Arranged according to applications)

Heat exchangers are introduced according to their applications and characteristics as follows. For more detail information, please consult us without hesitation.

Printing/ drying/ deodorizing equipments

Chemical mechanism manufacturing equipments

Metal printing equipments (drying/ deodorizing)

Air-conditioning device

Sewage/ sludge disposal equipments (deodorizing/ denitrating/ flowing)

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Heat exchanger of industrial furnace

Mining furnace

Waste incineration equipments

Disposal equipments of industrial refuse

Disposal equipments of industrial refuse/ sludge (deodorizing/ denitrating/ flowing)

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Disposal equipments of industrial refuse

Disposal equipments of excrement and sludge

Food drying/ processing equipment

Painting/ fiber/ agricultural and aquatic products/ food industries

Disposal equipment of living waste

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EOG disposal equipments

VOC disposal equipments

Other equipments for energy-saving uses

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