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Corrosion-free Heat Exchanger

KORROFLEX is the glass heat exchanger that can maintain the set efficiency in the semi-permanent manner and resist attack of high humid and corrosive gas lower than 400.

Corrosion-free heat exchanger

It can collect heat from high humid and corrosive gas lower than 400.

Unique KORROFLEX glass heat exchanger boasts excellent resistance against water, heat, acid, salty solution, organic materials like bacterium and alkali. It can eliminate traditional problems even humidity built-up in the heat exchanger. Therefore heat collection under the condensation effect is improved, and also removal and diffuse of organic materials in the waste can be effectively avoided.

Easy-to-maintenance heat exchanger

It can maintain the set efficiency via self-cleaning.

Extremely smooth surface of glass tube can avoid dust deposition. Even dust sticks on the surface, the deposition can be flushed away by the condensate in the tube to keep clean regularly. Meanwhile it also adopts the structure design that facilitates removal of deposition caused by severe exhaust conditions.

Safe and simple assembly

The unparalleled structure allows package for transportation and on-site assembly.

Components of KORROFLEX are connected with hardware in order to move and assembly system flexibly.
For assembly of large system, user can assemble the housing at first then insert glass heat-exchange tube.

Low cost & guarantee

Its abundant options ensure the low cost.

User can choose materials and structure of glass tube, seal agent, tube and plate and housing in accordance with different operation conditions thus to reduce the cost.


Environment-friendly heat exchanger

Reusable components save energy and present no ecological hazard.

All components of KORROFLEX are reusable except for glass tube. Use flame-resistance materials not generating toxic gas in order to avoid firing.

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