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June 1949
。。。。Personally began air-conditioning business and manufacture of air conditioner.
March 1951
。。。。Skin Kou Iron Works CO., Ltd. was founded and started manufacture, sale and installation of heater, drier, water heater and air-conditioner.
December 1951
January 1954
Started studying special-purpose heat exchanger, officially produced hot-water boiler and hot air generator and worked with engineering department.
February 1958
。。。。Changed name to HINO IRON WORKS CO., LTD. with capital up to YEN2,500,000
October 1964
。。。。Acquired the patent of counter flow heat exchanger
April 1965
。。。。Acquired the patent of T-valve to control liquid-fuel injection
March 1967
。。。。Acquired the patent of cross-wave heat exchanger
May 1967
。。。。 Capital increased up to JPY 3,600,000
October 1969
。。。。Acquired the patent of evaporative condenser.
January 1977
。。。。Applied for the patent of large-size plate heat exchanger together with Hitachi Zosen Corporation
February 1980
。。。。Capital increases up to JPY 7,200,000
August 1980
。。。。Set up Tokyo office
April 1984
。。。。 Capital increases up to JPY 10,800,000
March 1992
。。。。Shimaya a Factory in Konohana, Osaka was completed
October 1997
。。。。Started technical cooperation with Germany L&F Corporation for production and sale
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