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HINO-PILE heat transmission plate
HINO-PILE heat exchanger is featured in compact structure and high heat tranfer efficiency.
Heat exchanging capacity increases because hot and cold fluids can freely flow on the heat-transfer surface.

Corrosion-free Heat Exchanger
KORROFLEX is the glass heat exchanger that can partially maintain the setting efficiency and resist very humid and corrosive gas below 400。.

Classification of Heat Exchanger
According to different types introduced

Hino-pile Plate Heat Exchanger (Cross-wave Plate Type)
Whole plate surface can be used as the heat-transmission surface. Plate pitch can be adjusted upon requirements. It is featured in high heat-transmission efficiency, low price and light weight.

Tube Heat Exchanger (Corrugated Tube)
Spiral grooves made on the flat tube can increase the film coefficient to reduce the heat-transmission area. It is featured in less dust accumulation, light weight and corrosion resistance.

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger
The round casing can resist the high temperature. Expansion difference between tube and shell can be adjusted with extension joint.

Glass-tube heat exchanger
It is featured in simple maintenance, corrosion resistance, low cost, recycle and environmental compatibility.

Finned-tube heat exchanger
Adopt the finned tube with greater surface area in the defined length. It is compact. But, it only works effective when film coefficient is greatly different between the two fluids.

Bare-tube Heat Exchanger
There are two kinds, i.e. air cooler handling 60。諧90。 water, and steam heat exchanger heating air and exhaust gas.

Dust Removing Device
Avoid and remove dust accumulation inside the tube heat exchanger.

Hot Air Generator
Combustion exhaust recirculation and built-in waveform plate can ensure high-efficient heat exchange and simplify maintenance and control.

Radiation Heat Exchanger
Applicable for heat collection of the gases containing lot dust.

Boiler auxiliary Exhaust-heat Collector (oil-saving fan heater)

It is the auxiliary boiler used to collect the exhaust heat.
By Applications
Classify heat exchangers according to performances. For details, please consult us.
Specification sheet
Please refer to introductions of heat exchangers to select required products. Detailed information please consults us. .
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