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Tube Heat Exchanger (Corrugated Tube)


Gas-gas heat exchanger used for waste disposing and industrial refuse heat recovering

Operation Temperature

Maximum temperature: 850¡æ at hot side inlet


The tube inside wall is compressed for spiral shape in order to increase the film heat transfer coefficient and thus decrease heat-transmission area. It is featured in light weight and effective resistance to dust adherence. It is easier to remove dust from the tube with spiral shape than from smooth tube. Moreover, low temperature corrosion can be prevented effectively due to higher tube wall temperature.

If there is a mass of dust in fluid, please install the dust removing device to reduce maintenance workload.


  • Disposal equipments of excrement and sludge
  • Disposal equipments of industrial refuse/ sludge
  • Sewage/ sludge disposal equipments
  • Heat exchanger of industrial furnace
  • Production machines in chemical plants
  • Waste incineration equipments
  • Incinerator of industrial refuse
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