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Glass-tube Heat Exchanger

KORROFLEXTM heat exchanger


Gas-gas heat exchanger is applicable to SO3 and HCl at dew-point corrosion temperatures around.

Operation temperature: 」イ」カ」ー。譽ィ」ヘ」チ」リ」ウ」ー」ー。譽ゥat gas inlet

Pressure drop: 」エ」ー」ーmmAq


Glass tube can be free from acid corrosion in general.The heat exchanger is made of hard impact-resistant materials.Casing and other parts contacting gas are made of high-nickel copper.Provide good seal, smooth inside and outside of glass tube and superior resistance against dust collection.


  • Waste/ sludge disposal equipments
  • Heat exchanger of industrial furnace
  • Production lines in chemical plants
  • Food drying/ processing equipments
  • Waste incineration equipments
  • Incinerator of industrial refuse
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