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Hot Air Generator

HINO-PILE hot air generator is the energy-saving product developed through years of research. It has made a lot of contributions to high-efficiency box-shape hot air generator.


High efficiency 90%
Heat exchanger can keep high efficiency with recirculation of combustion exhaust and built-in corrugated plate.

Light weight and compact structure
One-box structure and beautiful appearance
Rapid startup design

The whole heat exchanger is made from heat-resistant steels. It is featured with quick heat transmission and excellent durability of operation.

Easy on-site installation

Whole system is factory assembled. Work on site is just to connect components, which can reduce work-time.

Easy maintenance, repair and management

Simple structure to check, clean and disassemble

Heat-resistant steel and built-in high-performance heat-exchange plate are mostly suitable for high-temperature hot air generator (550¡æ).

Designed freely in accordance with airflow, transfer heat, temperature and heat exchange conditions

Select recycling system or non-recycling system as required


Painting, fiber, agricultural and aquatic products, food industry and etc.

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