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Plate Heat Exchanger


Gas-gas heat exchanger used for recovering heat from exhaust gas

Operation Temperature

Maximum temperature:
  800¡æ at hot side inlet;
  500¡æ at cold side outlet
For parallel flows (at high temperatures):
  850¡æ at hot side inlet;
  480¡æ at cold side outlet


Whole plate can be used as heat-transmission surface. Plate pitch can be adjusted freely. Offer high heat transfer efficiency with low price and light weight.

K=30¡«40kcal/m2h¡æ, max.pressure: 5000 mmAq


  • Disposal equipments of excrement and sludge
  • Disposal equipments of industrial refuse/ sludge (deodorizing/ denitrating/ flowing)
  • Sewage/ sludge disposal equipments (deodorizing/ denitrating)
  • Printing/ drying/ deodorizing equipments
  • Heat exchanger of industrial furnace
  • Production machines in chemical plants
  • Metal printing equipments (drying/ deodorizing)
  • Food drying/ processing equipments
  • Painting/ drying equipments
  • Air-conditioning equipments
  • Other energy-saving uses
  • CCL
  • EOG disposal equipments
  • VOG disposal equipments
  • Disposal equipments of living waste
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