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Dust Removing Device

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The equipment is mainly used to remove dust adhered inside the tubes and prevent tubes from dust accumulation .

Tube heat exchanger (refer to fig. 1)

An example of a heat exchanger used for heat transfer from high-temperature gas to low-temperature gas is as follows. In order for gases not to direct contact with each other, metal tubes are incorporated in the heat exchanger. But it may result in dust accumulation, even lead to tube blockage sometimes. Consequently the heat-exchange efficiency may be reduced and its performance hardly kept. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to install the dust remover.


Dust herein indicates powder and fine particles contained in the flow of exhaust gas and processed gas in tubes of a heat exchanger. Dust gradually accumulated on the tube inside wall is sintered and hardened at the high temperature then blocks tubes.
Meanwhile tube inlet and outlet are vulnerable for dust collection because of temperature difference between tube inlet and outlet. Normally clean the heat exchanger in the waste incineration equipment monthly or every two months manually with electric rotary brush or compressed air, provided that the equipment operates 8hr/ day or 16hr/day.
The cleaning operation costs money and time considerably and it is especially time consuming. For cleaning heat exchanger, the complete system of waste incineration equipment running at high temperature must be shut down at least one day in advance to cool the system. The cleaner can access the heat exchanger after the system has completely been cooled down. Therefore the system must be stopped for 3 days around for cleaning. With the continuous increase of waste,
not only China but also the whole world has to face many problems related to cleaning cost, time, as well as health of cleaner and hygiene facilities.
With this equipment installed, although the cleaning work cannot be fully canceled, the frequency of equipment cleaning may be reduced to once per year, or once every two years. (it depends on quantity and nature of the dust.)Therefore a lot of time and cost on the cleaning would be saved and stable heat transfer efficiency and long term operability of the equipment kept.

Instruction of Dust Cleaning Device

Insert chains in tubes and slide them up and down till they can automatically swing up and down, horizontally and circumferentially. Vibration generated by impact of chains on tubes can remove and prevent dust accumulation. Flow speed (dynamic head of pressure) of processed gas flowing in tubes of the heat exchanger can influence chains movement thus to produce some unexpected effect. Motor rotation drives connecting rod and arm. About 30¡ã degree amplitude oscillation of the chain connected with the arm is formed.

Note: Control of the motor rotation speed is realized via relay (within 30-90rpm ,standard value: 60rpm). Chain moves up and down once per second with standard time set. Rest time can be defined with timer.

Maintenance & handling

  • Waste incineration equipments
  • Industrial refuse
  • Mining furnace
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